The goal is nothing more than the renewal of the spaces at the bridgeheads of the Chain Bridge to catch up with the renewal of the bridge itself and the quays of Pest, according to a statement from the Budapest Transport Center. This is how the design work continues. According to the plans, no new public procurement procedure would be announced for this, but the task would be realized with the winning landscape architect's office in the previous RAK-PARK design competition.

Summary map of the investment (source:

The Széchenyi István square would be rebuilt, in the framework of which the road design similar to the roundabout would be eliminated, and thus the vehicles would be able to get to the Chain Bridge in a shorter way. The areas thus freed up would increase the size of the green areas and create footpaths from St. Stephen's Basilica to the Chain Bridge in the area in front of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and in the direction of Kossuth Lajos Square. This would improve not only pedestrian but also cycling conditions.

The section of the Széchenyi embankment between Széchenyi István square and Garibaldi street would also be renewed as part of the investment. In addition, within the framework of the reconstruction of the Buda side, the Clark Ádám Square will also be remodeled, and it is planned to make it accessible on foot and by bicycle - according to the announcement of the Budapest Transport Center. 

The renovations would be implemented from the capital's resources in the investment of the Budapest Transport Center.


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