Count Gyula Andrássy was born two hundred years ago, on 8 March 1823. The open-air exhibition commemorates the country's former prime minister, the mastermind behind the Avenue, and the honorary citizen of Terézváros, joining the Budapest150 program series, reads the statement sent to MTI by the Terézváros Local Council.


On Andrássy Avenue, between Oktogon and Kodály Körönd, people can see 40 photos of the history of the road from 1900 to the present day (Photos:

The outdoor exhibition on both sides of Andrássy Avenue presents the history of the road from 1900 to the present with 40 photos. The images were placed on the candelabras. During a short walk, anyone can follow on the photos of how traffic and the function of the road have changed, but the images also bring to life important historical moments: May Day parades, the opening of the Párisi Department Store, the bloody flag protest of 1956, but Nobel Prize-winning biochemist, Albert Szent-Györgyi also appears on a motorcycle in one of the pictures taken on Andrássy Avenue.

In the statement, they remind us that today's Andrássy Avenue was initially called Sugárút (Avenue), but was later named after Prime Minister Gyula Andrássy. After World War II, it bore the name of Stalin, but it was also Magyar Ifjúság Road and Népköztársaság Road before it was renamed Andrássy Avenue after the change of regime.

Source: MTI

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