2022. március 3. 10:00
The excellent footballer of MTK, who became the Olympic champion in 1952 with the legendary Golden Team, started playing football with a rag ball next to the brick factory in Újlak. He had come a long way from Óbuda to world fame, but he managed to achieve what many longed for. Nándor Hidegkuti was born a hundred years ago.
2022. március 2. 14:00
After the external reconstruction, which was completed a few years ago, the renovation of the interiors of the Hunyadi Square fair hall, designed by Czigler Győző, can begin next year. During the works, the subsequent additions will be demolished and the original spatial structure will be restored, a gallery level will be built, but the previously planned underground garage has been removed from the plans.
2022. március 2. 09:00
Born 205 years ago, János Arany first saw Pest in 1843, but he only became a permanent resident of the city more than a decade and a half later, in 1860 - and remained so until his death. Several of the poet's former homes in Pest still stand today: the two classicist houses on Üllői Road preserve the memory of the poet, as well as the magnificent palace of the Academy, in which he lived for the rest of his life.
2022. március 1. 14:00
A memorial will be erected to the victims of the Pest ghetto is erected in the 7th district Klauzál Square. The work will consist of a bronze plate with a trace of three thousand nails reminiscent of the unburied dead.
2022. március 1. 09:00
As a result of the Compromise of 1867, dizzying economic development began in Hungary. This was particularly striking in the capital, which in a few decades has evolved from a medium-sized settlement to one of the largest cities in Europe. People flocked to Budapest from the countryside, and more and more houses were built to give the new townspeople a place to live.
2022. február 28. 12:00
The long-awaited development work has begun at the Aquincum Museum, during which a completely new experience wall will be built on the site of the rusty iron fence on Szentendrei Road and a new exhibition will be created to give a glimpse into the lives of the Romans who once lived here. Orsolya Láng, the director of the museum, told Pestbuda exactly what is changing.
2022. február 27. 19:00
The interiors of the Károlyi Palace in the 5th district, which has housed the Petőfi Literary Museum for sixty-five years, are being renovated. The restoration affects a listed one-storey, classicist building of about 1,730 square meters. As part of this, they will improve public traffic, restore the ornate gate, restore and expand the exhibition spaces, and make the building accessible. In 2000, during the complete renovation of the palace, the architecture that was finalized in the first half of the twentieth century being reversed. The palace is expected to be completed in the fall of 2022.
2022. február 26. 10:00
Kőbánya is one of the most deplorable districts in Budapest. Lately, unfortunately, this part of the city has entered the national press in connection with more internet memes or crimes. However, PestBuda undertook to explore the green parks of the 10th District, prepared for the worst. Our journalists were very pleasantly surprised in most places. The street scene, public safety has improved a lot lately in the areas they have explored. Take a look at the pleasant surprises.
2022. február 25. 18:30
The Budapest Transport Center will plant sixty-one trees soon in the 8th district Blaha Lujza square. Some of them are installed directly on a continuous green surface, others in the cladding using the Stockholm method. This procedure promotes the growth of the roots of urban trees, i.e. improves their living conditions. During the renovation of the square, a water play will be created, among other things, but the construction of the paving and the placement of the furniture will also continue.
2022. február 25. 17:00
The jury of the Hungarian Academy of Arts did not find any worthwhile project in the design competition for the design of the Hungarian Museum of Architecture and the Documentation Center for the Protection of Monuments. The new building will be built on the plot complex at the corner of Bajza Street and Városligeti Avenue in the former BM Hospital, once the appropriate tender is available.
2022. február 25. 12:00
Browsing the street names in Budapest, the question may arise: who did the streets and squares we pass through every day get their name from? A recent interactive map that can be browsed by anyone can help you navigate the maze of names: for example, it is clear that real people can be namesakes as well as fictional characters, and some eras, such as the 19th century, gave the city far more names than others. We tried out the interactive map and came across exciting connections.
2022. február 24. 20:00
Twenty-six 1st District properties, mainly erected between 1956 and 1978, were declared protected by the Budapest General Assembly on Wednesday. These include the main building of the Southern Railway Station, the Hilton Hotel building in Budavár and several residential buildings. The local council of Budapest announced in January that it planned to place nearly one hundred and eighty buildings in Budapest under local protection.
2022. február 24. 11:00
20 years ago, on the eve of Memorial Day for the Victims of Communism, the House of Terror, the former Arrow Cross and then Communist torture house, opened at 60 Andrássy Avenue. The interest was huge, almost a hundred thousand people appeared at the opening to get acquainted with two terrible periods of Hungarian history.
2022. február 23. 20:00
The Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association held the habitat management in the Tétény Plateau, one of the most locally protected habitats in the capital, mostly hiding steppe meadows. The site in the 22nd District has recently been cleaned of more than 4,000 tonnes of illegally dumped rubbish, but securing habitat for animal and rare plant species requires ongoing maintenance.
2022. február 23. 16:30
The local council of Budapest is withdrawing from the 2009 contract for the construction of the Gellért Hill cable car and the planned bus car park at the lower station. The reason for today's decision of the General Assembly of the Capital City was that more than thirteen years had passed since the entry into force of the contract, without any substantial construction work for the implementation of the investment under the contract having begun at all.
2022. február 23. 15:00
The Budapest Development Center presented the transport development study plans of the surroundings of Városliget and the new road-tram overpass on Szegedi road and the related new Rákosrendező station. The aim of the developments is to make the surroundings of Városliget car-free, to close the Kós Károly promenade from traffic and to ban cars from Hősök square.
2022. február 23. 09:00
The incorporation of industrial buildings into the urban environment was an important urban development issue in the 1880s. On the one hand, they tried to move - in many cases relocate - the noisy large plants that often emit polluting substances farther from the city centre, and on the other hand, the leaders of the capital wanted to design the centres suitable for the development and service of public utilities and communications in such a way that they fit as closely as possible into the architecture of a given street or space. Fortunately for posterity, this intention has mostly produced eye-catching results, a good example of which is the József Telephone Centre.
2022. február 22. 16:30
The 9th district Sóház renovation is continuing. Restoration of the south wing of the building used by Corvinus University has already begun last year, with more work being done in the north wing this year. The building behind the Main Customs House, designed by Miklós Ybl, will restore the main gates, the façade, the classrooms, the buzzer, the machinery and the electrical system.
2022. február 22. 09:00
In recent years, the idea has emerged to connect the Déli and Nyugati Railway Stations with a tunnel. The plan of the Budapest Development Centre is now one step closer to implementation, as a contract has been signed for the preparation of an environmental impact assessment of the connecting railway tunnel to be built under the Danube. The idea of connecting the Déli [Southern] and Nyugati [Western] Railway Stations, which are relatively close to each other, is not a new idea. It arose almost immediately after the opening of the Déli Railway Station in 1861, although an overground connection was still imagined at the time.
2022. február 20. 09:00
The government decided on today's Rákóczi Bridge, which for a long time was the youngest Danube bridge in Budapest, exactly 30 years ago, on 20 February 1992. A bridge was planned here as early as the 1960s, so the decision ended a very long, three-decade process. Construction of the bridge could then begin, which was completed in 1995, but the originally planned tram only crossed it in 2015.
2022. február 19. 13:30
The 518-seat building of the Márton Áron Vocational College was renovated in the 3rd district Kunigunda road. The institution was placed under the management of Eötvös Loránd University in 2016, and in that year the government decided on the HUF 15 billion renovation. The first element of this is the modernization of the now handed over dormitory. In recent years, there have been improvements and modernizations in all ELTE colleges.
2022. február 19. 09:00
The Eiffel Art Studios of the Hungarian State Opera is one of the new attractions of the 10th District and of the whole of Budapest. From the former Északi Járműjavító [Northern Locomotiv Workshop] of MÁV, it has become a cultural centre offering colourful programs, while also helping the operation of the Opera. Not only is the Art Studios [Műhelyház in Hungarian, meaning Workshop] interesting because of its complex function, but the recently completed renovation of the hall, originally built in 1886, has also been a great success.
2022. február 18. 18:00
It can be clearly seen from the bank of the Danube in Pest that the Corvinus University Ménesi road campus is being demolished. A new university building will be built in its place, but the area is planned to remain an integral part of the city fabric. In the new building, which is expected to be completed next year, educational and research spaces, a dormitory, professor's apartments, community and representation rooms, as well as rooms suitable for sports and recreation will be established.
2022. február 18. 16:00
The three stations of the M3 metro line, Kálvin Square, Corvin and Semmelweis Clinics, will open in May. For the first time in Hungary, sloping tracks will be built on this metro line, which will provide passengers with easier transport at a total of six stations, the other three stops will be Ferenciek square, Arany János street and Nyugati railway station.
2022. február 18. 14:00
The building complex of the University of Veterinary Medicine, designed by Imre Steindl and decorated with majolica Zsolnay and lead glass by Miksa Róth, will be renewed. The buildings on Rottenbiller Street, completed in 1881 and now home to one of the oldest veterinary training universities in Europe, are being restored to conservation standards. As part of this, the red brick masonry, the roof structures, the windows and the cladding will be restored, but the mechanical and electrical systems of the buildings will also be renewed.
2022. február 18. 10:00
"It is one of the most beautiful buildings on the avenua," said the contemporary press when 62 Andrássy Avenue, formerly known as Bobula Palace, was built in 1882-1883. Maybe it wasn't called that for no reason. The carefully designed building, the list of famous artists of the age, the unique furnishings all suggest that the praise was justified. Moreover, the building faithfully reflected the owner’s financial situation, social status, and architectural views. Although the house is known to everyone today as “a building next to the House of Terror,” Bobula’s Palace deserves much more than that.
2022. február 17. 18:30
The railway tunnel connecting Kelenföld with the Western Railway Station by touching Széll Kálmán Square will be of paramount importance, as it will bring a leap forward development in the agglomeration, within Budapest and connecting the regions. However, the development will have a significant impact on the environment, which is why an environmental impact assessment study needs to be carried out, the contract for which has just been signed. In addition to surveying the soil, caves and springs, the study will also cover whether or not the dust and noise exposure of the population will increase.
2022. február 17. 15:30
With resting benches, a new playground and a dog runner you can renew district Markusovszky Square, under which a 120-space underground garage can be built, but fifty trees will also be planted in the area, where the green area will also be increased. A comprehensive concept plan has been prepared for the development of the 9,000-square-meter space, and the visual plans are shown.
2022. február 17. 13:00
The company responsible for the development received a permit for the construction of the tunnel leading to the station of the future Gellért Hill cable car and the stairs leading to Hegyalja road. With this, the construction of the cable car to the Citadel, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, has taken another step closer to completion.
2022. február 17. 10:00
In recent days, the Szent László Grammar School in Kőbánya has appeared frequently in the media. Although it was only visible as the background of the events, the viewers may have noticed the special facade of the building and its unique decorative elements - this is explained by the fact that it was the last work of Ödön Lechner (the genius who created the Hungarian architectural form), and it was finished in the year of the master's death, in 1914.

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