There will be even more trees in Városmajor: the oldest public park in Buda will be renovated

Hungarian version of the article: Még több fa lesz a Városmajorban: felújítják Buda legrégibb közparkját

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January 4, 2022 at 6:30 PM

An open design competition for landscape renovation was announced for the renovation of the historic public park in Városmajor. During the investment, a greener, more orderly park will be created in the heart of Buda, in the 12th district. The green space of the park will be expanded, new trees will be planted, new clearings will be created, cars will be excluded, interior paths will be rethought, playgrounds will be renovated, older people will be given more quiet resting places and dog owners will have a place as well.

The government is announcing an open landscape design competition with the Budapest Development Center for the renewal of Városmajor, Balázs Fürjes, the Secretary of State responsible for the development of Budapest and the metropolitan agglomeration said on his Facebook page. The applicant must plan the reconstruction of the Városmajor public park, the explicit aim of which is to increase the green space.  

As Fürjes pointed out, the design competition is the first step in the renewal of the historically significant Városmajor park. The goal is clear: to revitalize the oldest park in Buda as a green island with good quality, well-kept green areas, a quality running circle, a spacious dog runner and renewed street furniture.

Map of the public park (Photo: Balázs Fürjes / Facebook)

“We work closely with Zoltán Pokorni, the mayor of the district and the Association of Park Friends in Városmajor to work out the foundations and details. The chief architect of the Budapest local council will also take part in the professional jury judging the plans - "Budapest is our common cause, ”added Fürjes.

Situated between Rózsadomb and Kis-Sváb Hill, Városmajor covers an area of about ten hectares, dating back to 1729, when manor and gardening were established in the area. In 1785  József II ordered that a public park be established on the site. “Many Buda citizens and Buda families are connected here, the park is part of their everyday life - today it is not worthy of this privileged role. As the city grew, new buildings, parked cars and factory areas gradually engulfed the edge of Városmajor. The condition of the green area, playgrounds and street furniture has deteriorated. In addition, the manor has not undergone a comprehensive renovation for several decades, " said Balázs Fürjes.

The lawn is worn out in several places, the pavements are old and incomplete. The pearl gravel covering the walkways is now spread over most of the park (Source: Balázs Fürjes / Facebook)

As part of the design, the greenery of the park will be expanded and a coherent water surface will be planned. They would like to strengthen the walking and relaxation garden function of the park. Cleansing and well-kept recreation areas will be created, new trees will be planted, and the planned cohesive water surface will further strengthen the recreational and refreshing nature of the park. In the future, it will not be possible to drive into the park or park in the green of the manor.

Playgrounds are being renovated and new street furniture is being installed. There will be the best, most varied playground in the area, with games for several ages, a washbasin equipped with a changing table and benches for adults.

They are tidying up the entrances to the park, rethinking the internal paths, the road network, and improving the public lighting. There will be a park guard, a camera system, a dog park and a theme park. For those who want to play sports, they will lengthen, widen and improve the running distance, renew and equip the sports fields with a comfortable changing room. Older people are given quieter rest areas. Városmajor will be easily accessible and usable.

They also want to create a worthy green environment around the Parish Church of the Heart of Jesus (Source: Balázs Fürjes / Facebook)

During the evaluation of the application, the chairman of the jury will be Balázs Fürjes, while the co-chairman will be dr. Imre Jámbor, Mőcsényi Prize-winning professor of landscape architecture. Zoltán Erő, the chief architect of Budapest, and Sándor Bardóczi, the chief landscape architect of Budapest, will also sit on the jury as delegates of the capital.

Anyone can enter the competition, the entries will be judged anonymously by the professional jury without the knowledge of the creators of each design. The committee evaluates the works in terms of landscape architecture, environmental design, planning program and function, and economic aspects. Deadline for receipt of entries: 28 February, 2022. 

Source: Balázs Fürjes / Facebook

Cover photo: Városmajor will be greener, more usable and renewed (Photo: Balázs Fürjes / Facebook)

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