2022. február 3. 19:00
Completed in 1942, The new child and adolescent psychiatric rehabilitation ward of St. John's Hospital will be established in the Bauhaus-style Járitz Villa in the 2nd district. The villa was built between 1941 and 1942 according to the plans of the car dealer István Járitz József Fischer, the building once housed luxury apartments.
2022. február 3. 09:00
The demolition of the former diplomatic residence, the later Burg Hotel, was completed this week in the Szentháromság Square in Buda Castle, leaving only piles of rubble. The building, designed by György Jánossy and László Laczkovics and completed in 1981 is planned to be replaced by a house that will evoke the exterior of the buildings originally demolished after World War II.
2022. február 2. 19:00
The long overdue renovation of the Budapest Central Town Hall has begun. Under archeological supervision, the courtyard slope has already been demolished and the façade will soon be erected. According to the information, the Gerlóczy Street wing of the three-hundred-year-old building will be renovated, where the Budapest Gallery will move in after the renovation, the facade of Bárczy István Street will receive decorative lighting, the Merlin Theater building will be renovated and the Town Hall Park may finally open next year.
2022. február 2. 16:00
The construction of a new pedestrian-friendly promenade in Józsefváros, in the vicinity of the Rákóczi square fairgrounds, is expected to start in the spring. It will give pedestrians more space, build a playground and plant trees. The visual design is complete, we'll show it.
2022. február 1. 19:00
Another section of the Danube bank in Pest will be renewed, as part of which the redesign of the Salkaházi Sára embankment and Közraktár street running in front of Fővám square will begin. During the works, the traffic on the embankment will be dampened and new pedestrian areas will be created. According to the plans, it will be easy and safe to walk along the entire Danube bank section between Havas street and Közraktár street.
2022. február 1. 09:00
The tramway at the Chain Bridge bypasses the Buda end of the bridge in a tunnel, under the ground. However, when it was built, the tramway was debated for 9 years by the Budapest City Council and the Budapest Public Works Council, it was difficult for them to decide whether to run the tram on the upper or lower embankment. In the end, the dispute was concluded, so 115 years ago, in 1907, trams could start south of the Chain Bridge.
2022. január 31. 15:00
In addition to the newly restored Lotz frescoes of the main building of the Old Art Gallery, the exhibition entitled Space Reservations - The Stories of the Old Art Gallery of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE) awaits the public from 15 February with classic and contemporary works of art and documents evoking the house's past. The exhibition is part of a series of programs celebrating 150 years of the University.
2022. január 31. 10:00
In Budapest, it has been decided for half a century to displace air-polluting coal heating from the city centre and switch to gas. At that time, two types of gas were used in households: town gas made of coal and natural gas. Over time, however, the former has been increasingly displaced by more efficient natural gas, which has required the rebuilding of networks and the replacement of gas appliances. Fifty years ago, in 1972, the changeover received a great deal of momentum, but it was accompanied by casualties: the days of the Óbuda Gas Factory, which produced town gas, were numbered since then.
2022. január 29. 14:30
From our series of articles presenting the less known green areas of Budapest, the 18th District has been missing until now, although there are also parks and forests worth exploring there. The locals are certainly familiar with all corners of these, but the “Kökintúli” [Outside Kőbánya-Kispest] district also offers experiences for residents of more distant districts. We would like to show that every district has natural values, most of the time unfortunately in spite of very spoiled town planning.
2022. január 28. 17:00
The foundation stone of the new wing of the Jedlik Ányos Grammar School in Csepel was laid. During the investment, a modern central hall, vocational education wings, a library and pavilions will be built in the Benedictine grammar school in Csepel. The renovation of the secondary school is expected to be completed by October 2023 with the support of the government for HUF 20 billion.
2022. január 28. 09:00
Pipe bursts occur. Sometimes they are just unpleasant, sometimes they cause serious damage, and rarely do they lead to interesting discoveries. This happened in the city centre, where in 1972, following a pipe burst, it was believed that a section of the old Pest city wall had come to light.
2022. január 27. 20:00
In the 2nd district, additional signs were placed under the street signs bearing the names of famous creators. The boards provide quotes either said or written by the creator or about the creator. The street sign named after Sándor Petőfi, Attila József or Kálmán Mikszáth, who was born 175 years ago, became richer with valuable additions.
2022. január 27. 15:00
A promenade and a stone archive will also be built during the development that is now beginning at the Aquincum Museum, and the everyday life of the Roman soldiers once stationed here is also planned to be presented to visitors in a spectacular exhibition. We would also like to promote the archaeological and architectural monuments from the Roman Empire in Aquincum and other parts of Óbuda in the 3rd district.
2022. január 26. 19:30
The Budapest Development Center presented the landscape architecture study plans of the Újbuda Green Corridor to be established along the Southern Circuit at an online public forum. The general public, the participants, made a number of suggestions that were incorporated into the plans now described.
2022. január 26. 15:30
According to the recent decision of the Hungaricum Committee, the ELTE Herb Garden was admitted to the Hungarian Depository. With this, the botanical garden, founded in 1771, has become one of the “hallways of the Hungaricums” and has become one of the values that is of national importance and is aging our reputation worldwide.
2022. január 26. 10:30
On the opposite side of Üllői Road, opposite the Museum of Applied Arts, stands a neo-baroque tenement house, built by the iron merchant Ferenc Heinrich. Not far from it, and in the neighbouring Mária Street, lies the long facade of an Art Nouveau warehouse. One would not even think that the two had anything to do with each other, however, both were built by the Heinrich iron merchant family. The latter was completed by 1912, meaning it could begin to be filled with goods a hundred and ten years ago.
2022. január 25. 18:00
The Hungarian State is buying the Haggenmacher villa, which has been abandoned for years, from the Budapest local council, exercising its right of pre-emption, according to the Magyar Közlöny published today. We also learned that the rescued monument will be used for community purposes.
2022. január 25. 15:00
The Groupama Arena in Üllői street is being modernized and developed. As part of the work, a 225-square-foot cultural exhibition space will also be created in the stadium, which also serves as Fradi’s home.
2022. január 25. 09:00
The tram has belonged to the scenery of the outer ring road for almost a quarter of a century now. Traffic on the ring road is unthinkable without it, but there was a time when trams were not enough, so from 1932, for 57 years, buses also ran on the Outer Ring Road. They started on 25 January, 1932, just 90 years ago.
2022. január 24. 19:00
The renovation of the main square of Ferencváros, Bakáts square, has been completed. The development of the space was initiated in 2016 by the 9th district local council, and by 2018 the plans were born and the implementation was prepared by the experts on behalf of the local council Plants, benches, chess and mill tables and drinking wells were installed on the square formed in the 19th century.
2022. január 24. 11:00
The new, unified campus of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University will be located in the Palace District of Józsefváros. As part of the works until 2027, a new campus building will be erected at 26 Szentkirályi Street, and the listed building at 15 Bródy Sándor Street will be renovated, 28-30 Szentkirályi Street Palace will be remodeled and connected to the adjoining university building. An open tender was issued for the construction.
2022. január 23. 09:00
While the statement in the title is, of course, a mere analogy, it is true that the sight of the mining cavities in Róka-hegy [Fox Hill] resembles the American giant valley system. However, most of the hill has been carried away or built up over time, so unfortunately it is not easy to meet a fox in the area. However, what’s left of the mountain and its surroundings after the bumpy past is definitely worth a trip.
2022. január 22. 19:00
On the occasion of the National Day of Hungarian Culture, the House of Hungarian Music, completed within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project, was ceremoniously handed over in City Park. The new institution, which opened in a special building, awaits the public from 23 January 2022 with interesting music programs, an exciting and interactive permanent exhibition of music history, and a three-day program series next weekend.
2022. január 22. 12:00
The story of Ferenc Kölcsey's first statue in Budapest is very adventurous: the statue of the poet, which was inaugurated in Batthyány Square in 1939 and looked down from a low platform, was able to watch the passers-by from a much more worthy place decades ago. The original of the work in Budapest was inaugurated 125 years ago, hundreds of kilometers from its present location, in Nagykároly. In our article, on the occasion of the Hungarian Culture Day, we present the reasons why the work of art came from Transylvania to Budapest and why it was moved from its original place in Batthyány Square.
2022. január 21. 19:00
Instead of an asphalted highway, the Károly Kós promenade, which cuts the Városliget in two, will be turned back into a real park walkway, the tender for the reconstruction plans was announced today by Városliget Zrt. In addition to peak hours, the Zoo Tour will also be closed to traffic during peak hours, and Heroes' Square will be car-free in the future.
2022. január 21. 09:00
One of the emblematic sites of Szentimreváros in the 11th District is the Bottomless Lake, which was artificially created in the late 19th century. The workers of the brick factory operating on the site of today's Kosztolányi Dezső Square accidentally cut through a deep watercourse, the stratum water burst to the surface and slowly filled the clay bed. The Bottomless Lake and its shores were neglected until the middle of the last century, where rubble and ruins were carried here during the two world wars. However, between 1958 and 1960, it was put in order and a park was established around it, and since then it has been a popular place for the citizens.
2022. január 20. 19:00
The KRESZ park in Városliget will be expanded and renovated within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project. In the park, where children can playfully learn the basics of safe transport, there will be a transport-themed playground and more green space.
2022. január 20. 15:00
A monument depicting the tragedy of the 20th century Germans in Hungary was handed over in the 16th district at the intersection of Sashalmi promenade and Romhány street. The work of the sculptor R. Mária Törley was erected by the German Nationality in memory of those deported from the district.
2022. január 20. 09:00
Opposite Népliget stood a military object for more than a hundred years, the sight of which largely determined the intersection of Üllői Road and Könyves Kálmán Boulevard. Today it is replaced by a huge handball hall, which is currently hosting the first international sporting event. The history of the new building is still very short, but it offers a good opportunity to get to know the old one.
2022. január 19. 18:00
Gellérthegyi SIKLÓ Kft. Has received a new building permit, so the preparations for the construction of the cable car can continue. According to the plans, when the track is completed, the vehicles will reach the top of the hill from the Hegyalja road terminal in 72 seconds. The investment may be completed in the second half of 2023.

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