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2022. február 4. 14:00
More than three major-sized parks with clearings and large, green recreation areas would be created on the site of a currently neglected, dilapidated area in North Csepel. According to the plans, at least 1,000 trees will be planted in the 36-hectare park, the paved surfaces will be minimized, there will be a communal garden, a small greenhouse, a park area featuring native Hungarian pets, a visitor center and a playground for ages. A boat house and marina are planned for the waterfront. The park in Csepel can be completed by 2025. We show the plans!
2022. február 3. 14:00
Sixteen trees will be cut down in the Erzsébet Szilágyi alley by the staff of Főkert, but 32 new specimens will be planted in their place and in the place of the specimens that were also felled in the autumn. During the tree renovation works, which started last autumn and will continue from January to March this year, a total of 367 trees require some kind of intervention in the Erzsébet Szilágyi alley on the border of the 2nd and 12th district.
2022. február 2. 16:00
The construction of a new pedestrian-friendly promenade in Józsefváros, in the vicinity of the Rákóczi square fairgrounds, is expected to start in the spring. It will give pedestrians more space, build a playground and plant trees. The visual design is complete, we'll show it.
2022. január 29. 14:30
From our series of articles presenting the less known green areas of Budapest, the 18th District has been missing until now, although there are also parks and forests worth exploring there. The locals are certainly familiar with all corners of these, but the “Kökintúli” [Outside Kőbánya-Kispest] district also offers experiences for residents of more distant districts. We would like to show that every district has natural values, most of the time unfortunately in spite of very spoiled town planning.
2022. január 23. 09:00
While the statement in the title is, of course, a mere analogy, it is true that the sight of the mining cavities in Róka-hegy [Fox Hill] resembles the American giant valley system. However, most of the hill has been carried away or built up over time, so unfortunately it is not easy to meet a fox in the area. However, what’s left of the mountain and its surroundings after the bumpy past is definitely worth a trip.
2022. január 21. 19:00
Instead of an asphalted highway, the Károly Kós promenade, which cuts the Városliget in two, will be turned back into a real park walkway, the tender for the reconstruction plans was announced today by Városliget Zrt. In addition to peak hours, the Zoo Tour will also be closed to traffic during peak hours, and Heroes' Square will be car-free in the future.
2022. január 20. 19:00
The KRESZ park in Városliget will be expanded and renovated within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project. In the park, where children can playfully learn the basics of safe transport, there will be a transport-themed playground and more green space.
2022. január 18. 14:00
Two valuable areas, the 2nd district Jegenye Valley and the gallery forest of Óbuda Island has recently been protected. The Jegenye Valley is dominated by the many salamanders that live there and the now almost completely extinct hornbeam-oak forest, but the clean water springs there are also a rare treasure. It is also a rarity, and the 2.5-kilometer-long gallery forest in Óbuda, which is close to nature, is also under special protection.
2022. január 14. 14:00
The specialists of the Budapest public utility company debris and other debris from military buildings demolished decades ago are removed from the Tétény Plateau area. The plateau is returned to the native flora. The nature reserve is home to many species of protected plants and animals.
2022. január 5. 18:30
The Táncsics Park in Békásmegyer was an unused area for decades, its development dates back to 2014, and the 3rd district local council won the EU support in 2018. The park, which will be completed this spring, will have comfortable rest areas, a modern playground, rich flora and a total of 432 new trees.
2022. január 4. 18:30
An open design competition for landscape renovation was announced for the renovation of the historic public park in Városmajor. During the investment, a greener, more orderly park will be created in the heart of Buda, in the 12th district. The green space of the park will be expanded, new trees will be planted, new clearings will be created, cars will be excluded, interior paths will be rethought, playgrounds will be renovated, older people will be given more quiet resting places and dog owners will have a place as well.
2021. december 12. 16:30
We headed to one of the most easily accessible heights in Buda: despite its name, Ördög-orom [Devil's Peak] is a nice, excellent excursion place for people used to the city, we don't even have to wear boots. There are plenty of sights and attractions in the area, now we present a small slice of it as a short tour.
2021. december 9. 17:00
Trees and shrubs are still being planted, but the playground, the campfire sites and the sports fields have already taken their final place in the Pünkösdfürdő park in Óbuda. The new park, now created on a previously grassy, barren dam site, has been divided into sections with different functions. When designing the area, the goal is to preserve the biodiversity of the place and maintain the ecological balance.
2021. november 29. 15:30
The Blaha Lujza Square, where the Budapest Transport Center (BKK) started planting trees, will be greener overall. Together with the existing and new ones, there will be 89 trees in the square. Among the trees are maple, oak, rowan and a large-leaved linden.
2021. november 26. 13:00
The lower embankment of Pest will be renewed, where a pedestrian promenade and a row of alleys will be developed. On 22 November, the planting of 34 oaks with a trunk height of three meters began between the Parliament and the Margaret Bridge.
2021. november 21. 16:00
This part of the 15th District has been the area of semi-floodplain forests dormant in the intermittent cover of the surrounding watercourses for centuries. Then came agricultural utilisation and turned the balance upside down: drainage, ploughing, deforestation ensued, and then came the construction of housing estates in the 20th century. However, we would not be in today's Budapest if local communities did not try to save their environment from urbanisation.
2021. október 30. 09:00
There is a place in Budapest that has almost gained world fame. In the end, however, it did not become world-famous, in fact, it does not even have a regular, honest name. In our current article, we will visit Népsziget [People's Island], which is beautiful even in its severe neglect and underutilization.
2021. október 19. 14:00
Gardening work began on the banks of the Pünkösdfürdő Danube, 3rd district. A huge 25-year-old oak was planted in Pünkösdfürdő Park on Monday, 18 October.
2021. szeptember 18. 09:00
The largest contiguous forest in Pest would have long been worth an article on the list of natural sights of Budapest. Like so many other places in the capital, it has been a time of renovation and tidying up here in recent years: the Forest of Keresztúr can provide recreation or arouse interest for many people today. In this article, Pestbuda explores this somewhat forgotten but great natural attraction.
2021. szeptember 16. 05:00
The Csepel public park will be built on a total of 36 hectares, with rest areas, community gardens, sports fields, hiking and cycling trails. In the public park there will be a gallery forest next to the Danube branch, promenades, wooded groves, playgrounds and wetlands as well.
2021. szeptember 11. 12:00
If swimming or eating 'lángos' means relaxation, people usually think of Lake Balaton as a destination. However, Roman Beach offers a similar opportunity in Budapest. The first legal public Danube beach in the capital opened here in the summer of 2021 - after a long break. But the Roman Beach is much more than that. The area is the only place offering a real waterfront experience along the Danube section of Budapest, its special milieu captivates the visitors. If someone really wants to get to know the five-kilometre beach, get ready for a multi-hour trip as Pestbuda reporters did. Take a closer look at the beach with the author.
2021. augusztus 10. 09:30
Hikers of Sas Hill ('Eagle Hill') in Budapest are in a very privileged position, as the area had been closed to the public for decades. Today, after prior registration, anyone can visit the hill that rises above the BAH junction. If someone walks around with professional guidance, it is safe to say that they will have an outstanding experience: a unique panorama and real plant rarities await them.
2021. július 17. 16:30
In the green area next to the Dezső Gyarmati Swimming Pool and the József Pokorny Sports and Leisure Centre, the local government will establish a community park in Máriaremete. In addition to the sports fields, there will also be picnic places and street furniture for relaxation in the new leisure park.
2021. július 14. 18:00
The Budapest Development Center (BFK) has announced a public procurement procedure for the planning of a wetland to be established in the area of the Csepel recreational public park. The idea is that the Wetland, will keep rainwater generated on paved and built-up surfaces of the district along Weiss Manfred Road in place, providing a natural habitat for many plant and animal species.
2021. július 10. 10:00
Óbuda Island, also known as Hajógyári Island, has recently shown its more pleasant face: there are no weeks-long events, festivals or pavilions. The area presents a peaceful, so to speak natural side to the visitors, so it is worth reporting on what people can find on the most troubled island of Budapest in "peacetime".
2021. június 19. 13:30
The 27-meter-high lookout tower was built through the cooperation of Pilisi Park Erdő Zrt and the local council. The lookout in the 16th District offers views of Náplás Lake. the Gödöllő Hills and Cinkota Forest.
2021. június 16. 16:00
Landscaping of the Normafa green area continues: the two transmission towers next to the Vasas ski house have been demolished. The Hegyvidék Local Council has been negotiating with the tower operators for years.
2021. június 15. 15:00
A new educational trail has been completed in the 2nd District Szép Valley forest. Seedlings have been planted in the previously neglected 16-hectare area, and a special birdhouse and forest playground have also been created.
2021. június 12. 09:00
Csepel's history is nowhere near perfect. Only three routes connect it with the rest of Budapest today, which is why it is out of sight. In recent years, something seems to have changed, and it is no longer just the panel renovation efforts making their impact: on the banks of the Ráckeve-Danube, versatile and well-designed promenades and parks await residents and visitors alike.
2021. június 3. 16:00
Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. and the Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség ('Hungarian Hiking Association') have set up a thematic playground and an outdoor gym on Nagyrét in Hűvösvölgy, one of Budapest's most popular nature destinations.

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